marlin caught panama pinas bay

Pinas Bay (Bahia de Piñas) is in the Darién region of Panama on the Pacific coast only about 35 miles from the border with Colombia. It has excellent big game fishing and is frequented by avid saltwater fishermen. There is a topographic feature named after the famous adventure writer Zane Grey (see Pioneers of Fishing in Panama). The Zane Grey Reef is famous for playing host to large fish: Black Marlin; Blue Marlin; Sailfish; Swordfish; Yellowfin Tuna; Cubera Snapper; Grouper and many others. There have been over two hundred big-game fishing world records set around Pinas Bay which is more than anywhere else on Earth.

If you like jungle there are wonderful rivers to be explored by one of the flats boats. Darien is very hard to reach by road and so many things have escaped change and development. You wont find any shopping malls or fancy restaurants here, but anyone who loves virgin jungle and the cultural interest of villagers and indigenous tribes living by traditional means, is going to have a lot to see.

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