panama canal locks

The Panama Canal is one of the great marvels of the world. The history began over 100 years ago in August 1914 when the first ship sailed through the massive locks which opened up Panama to global commerce. The recent canal expansion project will allow even larger vessels to cross from ocean to ocean adding to Panama’s economic growth. As a ship travels through the Panama Canal, glimpses of jungle life abound!

Journeying Across the Panama Canal on a Luxury Yacht

The video below shows the journey from the Caribbean to the Pacific through the Panama Canal locks and navigating the giant inland lake. This video is not of one of our yachts but of a yacht of 122 ft. / 160 tons. Longer than Ms B Haven but about the same ‘size’. This shows you what to expect on a Panama Canal transit but cannot convey the smells and sounds of the jungle or the tranquility of the middle of the lake.

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