panama-adventurePanama Yacht and Fishing Charters offers the perfect Panama water sports vacation. We carry equipment for quite a variety of water sports: kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, wake-boarding … and more activities can be added by arrangement. You can try all of these water sports in a short vacation and receive quality instruction form our crew who are true ‘watermen’ (and ‘waterwomen’)

Maybe you don’t want to do water sports. No worries !  On a vacation with us some people could go fishing, others try various water sports, while others are exploring the coastline or having a picnic on an isolated beach and watching tropical birds, butterflies and wildlife. We can hop from island to island; visit coastal towns and Indian villages; or you can just relax in the luxury of the superb yachts and eat the sumptuous feasts produced by our chef.

We know many people in Panama and can arrange for equipment hire and/or instruction for activities for which we don’t carry equipment on-board, e.g. dinghy sailing or kite-surfing.

For more specific information on your favorite water sports look at the other pages.

Water Sports Equipment We Carry

  • Snorkeling

    Wonderful reef life is not necessarily deep down. Tank are not allowed in San Blas but you can see it all with a snorkel.

  • Kayaks

    We carry two kayaks. If you would like more for your week then contact Hennie, who has access to touring kayaks and fishing kayaks.

  • Jet-Skis

    We have two jet-skis to take out for a blast. There is a minimum age, but children can go for a spin with their mum or dad.

  • Stand Up Paddling

    Enjoyable at all ages. We carry two SUP boards (inflatable) and the experienced crew can give you guidance. Extra boards can be pre-arranged and enthusiasts may wish to bring their own.

  • Wake-Boarding

    We carry a wake-board and the flats boats are plenty powerful enough to tow. Experienced staff can give guidance.

Water Sports That Can Be Arranged

  • Surfing

    Panama has good surfing. Our crew includes several keen surfers who can take you to the best sport and give guidance. We don’t carry surfboards, but you can bring your own or pre-arrange the hire of a board for the week.

  • Kite-Surfing

    The the strongest winds are mid-Dec until the end of April. Equipment hire and instruction may be pre-arranged.

  • Dinghy Sailing

    Sailing instruction and dinghy hire may be pre-arranged.

  • Windsurfing

    There are not many windsurfers about these days, with most people having made the transition to kite-surfing. If it’ll make your week we’ll endeavor to find you one.