Island Cruising, Water Sports & Adventure and Observing Nature

Panama is a veritable maritime paradise. It has the tropical warm waters of both the Caribbean Sea and of the Pacific Ocean interconnected by the Panama Canal and the vast Lake Gatun. Panama has over 1,500 islands in four main archipelagos.

panama yacht chartersPanama Yacht Charters – Style and Luxury

We operate sport fishing charters, island hopping charters, whale watching charters, and adventure and water sport charters on both sides of the country at different times of the year. Our mothership (98′) and sportsfishing yacht (66′) are luxuriously comfortable with and our brand new (2015) sport fishing boat (37′) is both agile and powerful. In addition, the yachts carry two flats boats and two jet-skis.

The 98′ yacht, or a charter combination of the mother-ship with either or both of the sport fishing boats, allows us to take you to truly remote locations. Panama’s 1,500 islands are largely uninhabited and we can anchor at these away from the crowds all week. If you are someone with a need for discreet travel, we have the ideal vacation for rock stars, politicians or anyone else tormented by the paparazzi. If, on the other hand, you prefer some contact with others we can take you to very exclusive resorts with just a few people and into ethnic Indian villages, or we can go to busier beach resorts, into towns to find restaurants and cafés or other forms of entertainment.

There is no need to seek out restaurants other than to ‘get the flavor’of the place and ‘feel the local vibe’ as the head chef of the mothership produces amazing feasts fit for a king. Any dietary requirements or your preferences for the week’s menu, food and beverages, can be communicated while booking.

One thing you can be assured about is that we will take care of you from your arrival at the airport until the moment you are delivered to the airport for the return flight. This includes your visits on-board or onshore until the moment that you express the desire for privacy,

panama yacht charters, cruising, water sports, whale watching and sport fishingPanama Yacht Charter Locations and Our Agenda

Our Panama yacht charters go to all four main archipelagos: Coiba and the Pearl Islands in the Pacific and San Blas (Guna Yala) and Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean. We also journey to Piñas Bay in the Darien province which has some popular big game fishing spots and can also take you to the fifth archipelago, Islas Secas in the Gulf of Chiriqui if you wanted to go there (it has good surfing, as do Coiba and Bocas del Toro). We take guests for our Panama Canal transits where you can see the marvelous engineering achievement that is now 100 years, the new locks that will take larger ships and the wonderful jungle bound Lake Gatun.

Whilst we have a planned agenda ahead of time we are open to changing to meet your requirements and desires as long as it does not make current booking impossible to fulfill. Relocation outside of our planned agenda may incur an additional expense. Only a conversation with the management team can reveal if that is the case. We have many combinations of yachts and activities. A visit to our page Charter Prices will normally give you a very accurate picture of the final price. When going there, for those of you comparing our price with others’, is that these rates are normally quoted ‘bare-bone’ and you will end up adding a considerable amount for fuel, dinners, drinks and even for activities.

Special Interest Tours and Special Events

We have a wide range of water sports interests covered with equipment carried on-board and guidance available from our crew who are all born ‘watermen’. and with our combination of quality yachts and our satellite internet and WiFi

Each of our areas of provision will eventually have its own webpage but this takes time to write. If you have requests for an activity not yet on display [eg kayak fishing, SUP expeditions, visiting ethnic Indian villages, a honeymoon, a business reunion] then a conversation with our management team, Hennie and Ursula Marais will tell you whether or not we can accommodate your request.

Panama’s Seasons

Panama has two seasons

  • a four month dry season, “summer”, from the end of December until the end of April during which the clear blue skies allow the sun to shine with it’s full intensity. There is a pleasant northerly breeze during these four months.
  • a ‘wet season’ May to December with November having the most rain. Although the summer is more preferred by many visitors, panama is  delightfully warm all year round, it doesn’t rain all that much of the time it just rains quite heavily when it does come. Overcast days are actually better for enjoying the outdoors as the sun can be pretty intense at these latitudes. San Blas is 9.3° N and Jicarita Island at the South end of the Coiba National Park is 7.2° N.