panama international boat show : the three yacht of PYFC

Panama International Boat Show 2015

The Panama International Boat Show was here from May 29th to 31st. The event marquis housed booths where representatives of from yacht manufacturers, yacht sales agents, outboard motor companies, shipping suppliers, marinas, decking material suppliers etc etc ..,  showed off their latest and greatest and gave away drinks and snacks, umbrellas, pen-knives and other goodies via their teams of […]

Luxurious Yacht Charter : New Standards for Panama

Comfort We’ve only had our mother ship Ms B Haven for a short while but we’ve been receiving praise for it’s elegance and standards of comfort from numerous quarters, and not from people who have walked in off the street but from people who have spent a lot of time on boats throughout their whole lives – yacht […]

stand up paddling in Panama

Sport Fishing, Whale Watching and Stand Up Paddling at the Pearl Islands, Panama

At the end of September we had a visit from six ladies. Five of them had come from Florida and were yacht brokers and professionals from charter management, and the sixth, Anne Gordon de Barrigón who has been resident in Panama for over ten years and is well known for whale watching and other naturalist […]

Sailfish Bite at Pinas Bay, Panama

Whilst we know the Republic of Panama and its two oceans very well, the arrival of our yachts for sport fishing vacations and luxury yacht vacations in Panama, and the assembly of our team is quite recent. We now have the boats, the equipment, the captains and the personnel to offer a really top class […]

Panama sport fishing spots and yacht charter destinations

Our Yacht Charter Destinations and Sport Fishing Spots

Panama has been attracting dedicated sport fishing enthusiasts for a long time. It has an abundance of large fish on its offshore banks and reefs and also in it’s inshore waters. Of all the yacht charter destinations it is pretty hard to beat. There are literally hundreds of unspoiled and uninhabited islands and islets off both […]

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