Sailfish Bite at Pinas Bay, Panama

IMG_7683Whilst we know the Republic of Panama and its two oceans very well, the arrival of our yachts for sport fishing vacations and luxury yacht vacations in Panama, and the assembly of our team is quite recent. We now have the boats, the equipment, the captains and the personnel to offer a really top class nautical vacation, whether your focus be sport fishing, water sports, just relaxing and sight-seeing, or a combination of those.

In mid September we left the Flamenco Marina in Panama City and travelled to the Pearl Islands and enjoyed the sight of these beautiful islands. We then travelled to Piñas Bay in the Darien province of Panamá looking for a bite from the Billfish.

On the first day we had bites from 2 Blue Marlin and 2 Sailfish (trolling Ballyhoo), catching and releasing one Blue Marlin (300 lbs) and the Sailfish (150 lbs) that you can see in the video “Sailfish Bite at Pinas Bay, Panama”. A third Marlin was seen on the surface but did not go for our bait.

On the 23rd of Sept we had strikes from 6 Blue Marlin (250 lbs & 440 lbs), catching and releasing 2 of them (trolling lures), as well as catching and releasing a Black Marlin (300 lbs) (trolling lures) and catching two Groupers (20 lbs & 7 lbs) (deep drop). A great debut for the boats in Panama.

The Sailfish in the video is caught by Cheryl aboard the Cherin III. Both Cheryl and our fishing expert ‘leader lady’, Agnes,  were previously telling me how women are superior to men at landing larger fish.  This, they told me, was due to men using brute force throughout the whole fight thinking that they can dominate the fish with physical strength, whereas women are more responsive to the movements of the fish allowing them to run a little more and then reeling in more efficiently when the fish is travelling the right way or tired. I’ve had the line snap on me before, so perhaps they’re right.