stand up paddling in Panama

Sport Fishing, Whale Watching and Stand Up Paddling at the Pearl Islands, Panama

At the end of September we had a visit from six ladies. Five of them had come from Florida and were yacht brokers and professionals from charter management, and the sixth, Anne Gordon de Barrigón who has been resident in Panama for over ten years and is well known for whale watching and other naturalist activities.

26 Sept: Arriving to a Feast of Fresh Tuna

We met the ladies at the Tocumen Airport and went straight to ‘Ms B Haven’ at Flamenco Marina on the Amador Causeway in Panama City. Capt Justin Suarez greeted the party with chilled champagne and we chatted the evening away in the warm tropical evening coming inside to each a feast of fresh tuna prepared by the yacht’s resident chef.

27 Sept: The Ladies Fishing at the Pearl Island

Early the next morning we sailed the short distance to the Pearl Islands archipelago. It was to be a brief yacht excursion with the first and last nights spent at the Flamenco Marina, and two nights spent anchored in a bay at Isla Pedro Gonzalez. Once the leisurely breakfast was finished we boarded the Cherin III sport fishing yacht, where sport fishing expert Agnes Nulle briefed the ladies on technique and common practices. It wasn’t long before the ladies were reeling in Dorado (Mahi Mahi), Yellowfin Tuna and Bonita. A great end to the fishing trip was seeing some whales as we were returning to the anchorage. After returning to the mother ship in an inflatable, the chef quickly made a feast of our catch which accompanied the evening’s tales.

28 Sept: Whale Watching with Anne Gordon and Stand Up Paddling

After breakfast we went to the outer Pearl Islands to catch a sight of some more whales. Anne told us many interesting facts about the behaviors, lives and habitat of these majestic mammals and then explained what we were seeing when they started surfacing in front of us. We did not witness any spectacular leaps, but enjoyed watching them cruise and surface for air in a very relaxed way.
After cruising we took a flats boat and went to a completely empty beach with golden sand to enjoy a swim and some stand up paddle boarding. Two of the ladies took to the new challenge like ducks to water and were soon accomplishing great distances.

29 Sept: “Pearl Island Panama”

Today was time to discover Isla Pedro Gonzalez. The whole island, which has almost 30 kilometers of coastline, 14 private beaches and one of the richest marine and bird sanctuaries on the planet, has a master-plan for developing mixed hotel and luxury residential homes and apartments. We were driven around the lush tropical island and then unwound whilst enjoying the ambiance of the beach club and drinking fresh coconut in the pool. Late afternoon we returned to Flamenco Marina to share another evening together before the journey home tomorrow.

30 Sept: The Panama Canal Visitor Center

Enough time to visit the Miraflores Locks and the Panama Canal Visitor Center before the drive to the airport. We sure packed a lot into this short trip.




Panama sport fishing spots and yacht charter destinations

Our Yacht Charter Destinations and Sport Fishing Spots

Panama has been attracting dedicated sport fishing enthusiasts for a long time. It has an abundance of large fish on its offshore banks and reefs and also in it’s inshore waters.

Of all the yacht charter destinations it is pretty hard to beat. There are literally hundreds of unspoiled and uninhabited islands and islets off both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Our yachts will be in both oceans at different times of the year to offer you the best conditions all year round. Some of our vacations can include a transit from one side of Panama to the other by navigating the Panama Canal.

Panama sport fishing spots and yacht charter destinations

Coiba National Marine Reserve

This area of outstanding beauty is a joy to explore. It hosts some of the best sport fishing in the world and is very close to the renowned big game fishing mecca, Hannibal Bank.

There is also fantastic surfing and scuba diving off the shores of these practically uninhabited islands, and a lot of unspoiled isolated beaches awaiting your expedition of discovery.


The Pearl Islands

These islands have many wonderful places to explore, fantastic big game fishing, and a great place for whale watching amongst other things.

There are also some luxurious resorts to visit.


San Blas Islands, Kuna Yala

Island hopping paradise! The laws of the indigenous Kuna people protect the environment. For that reason there is no scuba diving with tanks allowed, but the snorkelling is on unspoiled coral reefs.

The Kuna people has also preserved their ancient way of life and are a beautiful and interesting people to meet.


Bocas del Toro

This place has a very Caribbean flavor and many of it’s inhabitants speak some English. The town is very colorful and has many restaurants to choose from. There are many Americans here living in many beautiful homes and also many ‘off the grid’ dwellings. Famous for it surfing and has good fishing and diving.


Panama Canal

Sometimes it’s North to South and sometimes the other way. Either way you’ll see both oceans and between the two you’ll see many different ships and craft either transiting or involved in dredging, construction and maintenance of this vast inland waterway and infrastructure.

You’ll also see Lake Gatun Lake surrounded by tropical rain-forest and it’s abundant wildlife.