There are a number of forms that are essential legally and others that help us to provide things the way you like them.

The release form needs your signatures only has a PDF download, which you will need to print, complete, scan and then return. We need a release form for each of the guests. The other forms also have a Word document option which you may find more convenient as there is no need to scan. Upon completion, please return to Hennie Marais via e-mail ( )

  • Travel Information

    There is quite a bit of information, you can read it on screen or save and print it.

  • Release Form

    Please complete this form, scan and email back to us.

  • Guest Details

    Tell us who is coming. You may find the Word document more convenient.

  • Food / Drink Preferences

    Tell us what food you like and dislike, plus any dietary observations due to allergies, medical conditions, religion or ideals.

  • Fishing and Water Sports

    Give us an idea of your ability levels as anglers and the other water’ll be doing.