The Republic of Panamá has long been famous for its sportsfishing vacations and fishing charters in both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The name ‘Panama’ actually comes from an indigenous word meaning ‘abundance of fish’. We now offer a more luxurious fishing experience than has been on offer here with ‘high end’ yachts and top professional crew and captains. The dedicated big game fisherman can now enjoy a holiday with his wife and family or with a group of friends of whom not all are keen fishermen. Our crew have a lot of knowledge and are more than happy to coach angling skills in the less experienced.

Whilst we have a wealth of expertise in sport fishing and have the best fishing boats and tackle, there is a lot more on offer on a yacht charter vacation with us. We know fishing really well, but maybe only some of you want to fish, or you all want to fish some of the time, or you don’t want to fish at all. Your week can be filled with sight seeing trips, with water sports or with just relaxing and feasting.

We carry a range of equipment for water sports and have experienced crew that who can guide you, instruct you or merely provide safety boat back-up for you to get the most out of your stay. Water sports enthusiasts might want to  cruise the coast for the best spots in their private floating hotel. It will be completely private as well, anchored on the lee side of uninhabited islands. We have the perfect set-up for adventure expeditions as we can accompany the kite surfers / kayakers / stand up paddlers / surfers / divers with a rescue boat during the day and meet the yachts at a new location each night to unwind and fortify the spirit with an ocean sunset and a feast prepared by the chef. There’s bound to be time for a blast on the jet-skis or a tow on the wake-board before supper if you have more energy to burn. An agenda can be changed as needed and alternative activities pursued the following day. Any or all of these adventure activities can be tried during the week for all those who want to.

Our mothership is equipped with a scuba diving tank compressor and also a hookah rig for diving without tanks via an air line. Our general manager, Hennie, has been diving all his life and ran diving schools in South Africa for many years. He has now been in Panama for many years and though he no longer leads dives, he knows quality Dive Masters on both the Caribbean and the Pacific sides of Panama that will join us for a week’s diving expedition or for just a couple of days scuba diving.
*Please note that the wonderful island archipelago of San Blas and the surrounding reefs can not be used for scuba diving, but do offer amazing snorkeling with a diversity of colorful life on the reefs. The whole of the Guna Yala province of Panama os governed by the indigenous Kuna people who place a high priority on conservation of natural resources. The reason for the ban on scuba diving is to protect the delicate reefs from damage by humans.

You might just want to relax. We can go island-hopping all week with visits to beaches to swim and have picnics. Panama has over 1,500 islands and cays to discover that are mostly uninhabited. We can also explore the coastline and river inlets from the flats boats, stroll around coastal towns, visit indigenous Indian villages, and enjoy the delicacies created by our chef.