panama international boat show : the three yacht of PYFC

Panama International Boat Show 2015

The Panama International Boat Show was here from May 29th to 31st. The event marquis housed booths where representatives of from yacht manufacturers, yacht sales agents, outboard motor companies, shipping suppliers, marinas, decking material suppliers etc etc ..,  showed off their latest and greatest and gave away drinks and snacks, umbrellas, pen-knives and other goodies via their teams of long legged Panamanian beauties dressed in some very fetching nautical outfits. There was a good atmosphere and it was well attended.

panama boat show boothWe arranged for local whale expert Anne Gordon to give talks in the lounge of “Ms B Haven” along with presentation videos and photos on the yacht’s large lounge TV screen. Her talks covered the lives, behaviors and habitat of the whale species found in Panama and also guidelines on responsible Whale watching for boat captains. We held cocktail receptions on Friday and Saturday evenings with barmen position at the lower level ‘fishing-deck’ and two levels up on the top deck. The head chef and her helpers in the galley produced tray after tray of exquisite canapes that were delivered around the boat, and hors d’oeuvres served at the galley bar and the dining table.

Whilst we were previously known to quite a few sport fishing enthusiasts mostly from the USA, this show gave us the opportunity to be seen by many Panamanian families who are mostly interested in family island cruises for a weekend or half a week to journey around the Pearl Islands and watching whales, maybe a spin on a jet-ski, an SUP board and a kayak and to visit the beautiful isolated beaches of the  scarcely populated and completely unpopulated islands just a short distance from the city. Many of these families pricked their ears up at our weekend rates from Panama City, which are comparable to a group staying at a good city hotel once you’ve added the cost of lunch, dinner and wine, and that’s before you’ve found any entertainment. It could also have been the quality of the food coming from the galley that made people start thinking, “Why stay in a hotel?” Many agree, a trip out to these islands forms a lifelong memory and a bonding experience with family, friends or business associates.

Nearly all visitors were amazed at the quality and comfort of our mother-ship yacht. She has a very wide beam, as wide as most yacht of 130 ft although she is 98 ft long, and so has a generous amount of space for guests to stretch their legs both indoors and out. Inside there is a spacious lounge / dining room with a bar counter to the galley, and then there is the pilothouse up a spiral wooden staircase. There is an en-suite bathroom in each of her five staterooms. Outside there are three rear decks. The top deck is often the location of choice for the evening meal to enjoy the evening breeze over the ocean. There is an en-suite bathroom in each of her five staterooms.

panama international boat show : the three yacht of PYFC

With “Ain’t Ms B Haven” being brand new, this was one of the first chances to get a photos of the three yachts side-by-side. We had a great time in the three-day show and are looking forward to the Panama International Boat Show 2016.