Luxurious Yacht Charter : New Standards for Panama


luxurious yacht charter in panamaWe’ve only had our mother ship Ms B Haven for a short while but we’ve been receiving praise for it’s elegance and standards of comfort from numerous quarters, and not from people who have walked in off the street but from people who have spent a lot of time on boats throughout their whole lives – yacht brokers and yacht charter brokers; sport fishing journalists and from keen salt water fishermen some of whom have themselves been owners of, or worked professionally in, sport fishing businesses.

This is not just because of the old world charm of the high quality hardwood furniture and wall panels, nor the marble counters in the galley and bathrooms nor the brass and quality stainless steel fixtures. Most yacht of this length have around a 23′ beam, and 23’9″ is thought as generous. Ms B Haven has a 28′ beam which offers a whole level of comfort above and beyond the norm. This allows us full sized sofa and chairs, a large dining table and chairs and a lot more room in individual cabins and their bathrooms. These well seasoned watermen (and waterwomen) that made these comments left with a fresh perspective on the requirements of a mothership – she is a truly luxurious yacht charter. Below are the widths of some well known yachts of the same length.

  • Princess 98′    –  23′ 2″  beam
  • Westport 98′  –  23′ 7″  beam
  • Destiny 98′     –  23′ 0″  beam
  • Azimut 100′    –  23′ 4″  beam


luxury yacht charter panamaMs B Haven is not our fishing boat, although she sports two fighting chairs on the rear deck and could offer great fun when hooked up to a fish, we have two other boats for that which are a permanent part of our fleet,  and more quality boats available to us if needed for large groups. Our fishing boats are the powerful 66′ Buddy Davis, ‘Cherin III’, the Rolls Royce of sport fishing boats,  and a 37′ Strike which is extremely nimble and is the ‘Walkaround’ center console model that allows you to step all the way around the boat with your fishing pole without obstruction from any structural poles. needless to say, both of these boats are fitted with top quality fighting chairs.

Although the Ms B Haven has the two fighting chairs we don’t see it as one of our ‘sport fishing’ boats because it lacks the agility of the other two, doesn’t accelerate and decelerate like the other two and was not designed for backing down on running fish (travelling in reverse towards the fish). That being said it is great for fishing for small and medium sized fish (by Panama’s measurement standards) and it’s large rear deck makes a great place for a group of friends or a family to enjoy popping and jigging together. You can also trawl bait as we are journeying to our destinations, there’s a high probability of catching our dinner.

SUP charter panamaMs B Haven is our floating hotel and we are so glad we chose this make and model (it’s a Knight and Carver,  98″ Custom Tri-Deck). It’s three rear decks, the open plan lounge / dining room and the pilothouse offer a variety of social spaces. We like to eat our evening meals together on the top deck in the gentle evening breeze as it gives such good views and we love to be outdoors. If an evening were particularly warm or humid then we would tend to convene in the air-conditioned environment of the lounge and dining room. Ms B Haven is fully air-conditioned throughout, as is the Buddy Davis Cherin III, and we keep the boats cool all day. Ms B Haven has Wi-Fi available and you can play your own music in whatever part of the boat you are in via your iPad or smartphone. Likewise, the TV’s in each state-room and the large screen TV in the main lounge can all be tuned to different channels simultaneously.

Water Sports

Ms B Haven is equipped with a full dive station for scuba enthusiasts. The tank compressor also doubles as a hookah rig for enjoying shallow water without a tank. Although we have crew with diving qualifications and Hennie our general manager used to run diving centers in South Africa, we hire a divemaster with up-to-date qualifications to join us if this is to be the focus of the week or part of it.

stand up paddling in PanamaMs B Haven carries equipment for paddle sports at the time of writing she has two kayaks and six stand up paddle boards (4 fibreglass SUP’s and 2 inflatable SUP’s). More can be brought by prearrangement with Hennie. Panama 1,500 islands are the ideal place for paddling from island to island, which can be done with the safety of a small back-up boat. The week could be planned as an expedition journey anchoring at a new island each evening.

Ms B Haven and Cherin III both carry a flats boat that, as mentioned,  can be used as safety backup for paddle sport expeditions whether open sea between islands or to explore the coastline and jungle river inlets. They also have plenty of power for wake-boarding and we carry a wake-board. Our mother-ship also carries two Yamaha jet-skis, which just about everybody loves to use and is a great way to end any day.

panama adventure vacationIf you like you can forget that what we have is a really luxurious yacht charter and can travel out offshore reefs at dawn and return after sunset with just enough time to feed before bed; you can paddle all day until every muscle in your back has a knot, but at the end of the day you’re going to appreciate the cuisine cooking of our chef, and your aching bones are going to appreciate the comfort afforded by out full leather sofa and the quality orthopedic mattress on your bed, as well as the fact that we can anchor your floating hotel on the lee side of any of the 1,500 islands in Panama.