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Cherin III

Luxurious high performance sport fishing boat

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Yacht charter vacation in Panama

98' Knight and Carver

Three rear decks & a hot tub. Two fighting chairs for fishing. Two jet-skis and a flats boat. Huge lounge and dining room. Stand up paddle boards, a wake-board and kayaks.

Ms B Haven

Luxury yacht charter vacation

The ocean is all yours !


So many charming islands to discover !

wake-boarding in panama

Create your own agenda

Host your special event, small party, business meeting, reunion dinner or wedding

on a luxurious yacht

. . .


To fish

Or not to fish ...

Bocas del Toro offers great surfing, and scuba diving and kite-surtfing.

Bocas del Toro

This Caribbean archipelago has 9 main islands, 50 cays and some 200 tiny islets

Famous for surfing, it also offers great scuba diving and kite-surfing

Also has great fishing !

San Blas Islands

This archipelago lies to the north of the lush green Caribbean coast of Panama.

It consists of approx. 378 islands and cays, of which only 49 are inhabited.

This is island-hopping paradise !

Panama Canal Pacific entrance

The Panama Canal

Journey with us from one ocean to another


The important things to note are that

  • The usual bookings are from Saturday to Saturday.
  • We have a schedule (shown below) of where we plan to be on which dates, and it is indicated whether Booked or Vacant.

We aim to be flexible to meet your wishes. Changes from the Saturday to Saturday schedule, or for us to embark or disembark at a different point from our plan are certainly possible if discussed in advance but could incur additional expenses.



The important things to note are that

  • The usual bookings are from Saturday to Saturday.
  • We have a schedule (shown below) of where we plan to be on which dates, and it is indicated whether Booked or Vacant.

We aim to be flexible to meet your wishes. Changes from the Saturday to Saturday schedule, or for us to embark or disembark at a different point from our plan are certainly possible if discussed in advance but are likely to incur expenses. Whether sticking to the plan, or rewriting the agenda the best starting point is personal contact with Hennie Marais (see below). Once we have established where and when, we then need information about the guests, what activites you want to focus on (fishing, scuba, surf, kayak island-hopping, beach picnics with hammocks) and what fod and drink preferences and dislikes you have.

Sample Itinerary

Based upon a 7 day, 6 nights charter.

Arrival day

You will be meet through the VIP service at Tucuman international airport, as you step of the plane and taken to the VIP lounge, while your luggage are collected from baggage claim. Once baggage is in the transfer vehicle, you will be transferred to hotel or directly to the yachts if they are in the city.

English speaking staff will make sure that you are in good hands from the time you arrive in Panama till depart.

First Night

If clients arrive before 12 :00 you can fly directly to the Yachts location, re Perlas Islands, San Blas, Coiba. Flights arrival after 12:00 will have to overnight in Panama City. Our Panama Office can assist in reservations and recommendations for your Panama City stay. There are many hotels to choose from, some more conveniently located than others. Our Panama Office can assist in reservations and recommendations for your Panama City stay.

Day 1

Clients that overnight will be flown out to the Yachts 09:00, they be collected at 08:00 from their hotel room. Planes that are typically available for Charter are Twin Otter, Cessna Caravan, Seneca and Islanders they seat from 4 to 14 people. Moving a group of 10 will require the Twin Otter or Caravan.

The above is a standard travel plan, we can custom it to fit clients needs, however there are aviation restrains to times that planes can land on various airfields. Depending on Location excess luggage can be transferred by road, it will be picked up the night before. Ground transportation may be available to Coiba, drive time 4 to 6 hours in comfortable bus.

Lunch on board.

Afternoon activities depending on location.

Day 2 to 6

Typical activities related to boats location and the interests of the guests.

We develop a detailed itinerary with the boat as to specific anchorage sites for different nights 2 to 6.

Day 7

Mid Morning/Midday departure depending on clients flights back home.

Internal flights could fly straight to Tucuman.

Activities  – Instruction in various watersports can be arranged for all levels

Sport Fishing                                  Hiking/Exploring

Scuba diving and snorkeling        Bird watching

Jet ski                                              Inshore fishing

Surfing                                            Cultural village visits

Kite Boarding                                 Kayaking

River Exploration                          Wake boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boards, SUP


WII games             various board games


Tim Rowley

We had a wonderful week – two couples, each with a young daughter.

We hopped from one beautiful desolate island to another and tried every water sport under the sun. Our two seven year olds were thrilled and both caught some fish, which the chef helped them prepare for our evening meal. Perfect.

The Canal transit was so much more interesting than I was expecting, with views of monkeys crocodiles, butterflies, brightly colored birds; explanations of the flora and fauna and of the canal maintenance work and the different types of vessel we encountered. Sunset on Lake Gatun was breathtaking and accompanied by the scent of orchids carried on the breeze from the surrounding jungle.

Then on the the Pearl Islands where we caught good sized Yellowfin Tuna. Best holiday of my life.

Tim Rowleyfrom Newcastle, UK
Marian Walker

My room, which was the VIP was fabulous. The view and the aft deck were so big and the facilities worked perfectly.

The meals served on board were totally healthy and considered “Farm to Table”. Divine 100%

The crew was so great and went above and beyond our expectations. Our guides – divine. All travel was arranged perfectly, no glitches at all.

I have been on many ‘fam trips’, even to the Galapagos, but this has been my best ‘fam trip’ to date.

Marian WalkerCharter ManagerThe Marine Group

“I have fished all over the world on my own boat and on charters and this was the best experience I have ever had on a fishing trip. The mother ship and its crew were extremely professional, friendly, and enjoyable to be with–the food was outstanding and my only complaint was there was too much of it, and we felt like family with everyone.

The Miss B Haven was pleasant and comfortable and we could not ask for better accommodations. The Captain and two mates on the Cherin 3 were the best I have ever fished with and the 66′ Buddy Davis is an extremely nice boat to fish on. Captain Jacko is one hell of a nice guy and really knows his stuff and our two mates were terrific-at times we ran 7 lines plus two teasers which is not easy to do and when I had a black marlin on Jacko handled the boat perfectly.

This has got to be the best mother ship sportfish combination in the world and I congratulate Hennie for putting together a great group 100%. I would highly recommend this fishing trip to anyone who likes everything first class.”

Van Williams



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